Software Engineer | Musician | Dog Rescue Work | Bisexual poet and creative dark romanticist who writes about mental health, sexuality, & love.

How a sex-positive approach to sex education in religious communities can prevent trauma in young women.

Welcome, reader! This piece has been in progress since April 2020 and I am proud to announce its publication. Please join me in taking a rough, analytical look at how the lack of sex education in Protestant Christian churches destroys young women. And how we can stop it.

If you…

A Poem.

Hello, friends! I’m back. I took a break from writing in January because I got into a car crash and was facing a few major life decisions. The dust has settled and my creative juices are flowing again.


He moves as though a panther
Coiling, prowling
Lazing, lounging around

A Poem.

Dear January

Dear January
The month of my birthday
The month moves slow
As if my limbs drag through a swamp
And oh, I feel desperately cramped
My bones achingly grow
Succumbing to the grasp of progress
Fuck no, I never expected any less
Than to be left
Than to be lonely
At the turn of a quarter…

Anna Blendermann

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