A Poem.

Swallow (Me)

When I see you walking in
I only see what might have been
Your face hidden from my eyes
My forced attempt to hold disguise

How can I look in your eyes
Yet forget why my heart cries?
Back of the room is where I lie
Furthest corner of my heart I hide

Away from haunted truth inside
Creeping, crawling around within

Like a pill slowly oozing, that slides
Down my throat and sticks
Bulging halfway down the esophogus

Swallow (You)

There your throat is ripped apart
Compromise the state of your heart!
Must you be caught between
Love and hatred of whom you hold dear?

The longer you resist the swallow
More ashes you will be tomorrow
Oh, hopeless and stubborn youth!
How long must you choke on the truth?

Have you yet grown old enough
To digest and forget your fleeting love?


A large pill swallowed melts away
Hope crushed now may yet be gained
You may find a sweeter drug
If you live long enough for such love

Software Engineer | Musician | Dog Rescue Work | Bisexual poet and creative dark romanticist who writes about mental health, sexuality, & love.

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