Thank you for writing this piece! I’ve had so much trouble walking away from men who treat me badly. I love to chase men who are emotionally unavailable, busy, or not ready to date. Busy men who have lives are interesting but they rarely give me the time I need to thrive. I also keep telling myself I’m fine being independent and not cripplingly lonely.. until suddenly I can’t walk away from a man I’m 'almost dating.’ Just one more week. One more month. He’ll ask me to be his girlfriend. I know it. From one woman to another: these men are trash and not worth the excuses we make for them. I hope this article inspires me enough to walk away from my current love interest. He may not be ready to date either 💔

Software Engineer | Musician | Dog Rescue Work | Bisexual poet and creative dark romanticist who writes about mental health, sexuality, & love.